R.A.C.E., Chico, California
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The 2012 Chico Sprint Series

Sprint Competitions Series - to see the who's the fastest of the fast out there!

May 3 – October 31

Back in the day(which, for me, was the very early 1980s), we use to hold street sprints on our local residential roads to see who was the fastest on a bicycle. We would start from a dead stop from one end of our street(usually Downing Avenue or Neal Dow Avenue here in Chico) - and race each other side-by-side to the other end of the street. The races were very short - no drafting - ALL sprinting! The winner would go on to race the next winner, and so on and so forth.

We've decided to bring the Sprint Competition back with this Series. We will use a variety of......essentially.......bicycle "drag racing" courses throughout Chico and Butte County during the year. The format, at least to start, will be side-by-side racing.....each racer with their own "lane". The Starter will yell "GO!" and the racers will drag race to the finish. The winners will move on to face the winner of the next round.....while the 2nd place finishers will go on to compete against the other 2nd place finishers......and so on and so forth. Plenty of racing for everyone who shows up. Prizes and points will be awarded - and we hope to have a special give-away at the end of the Series.

I can't begin to tell you how fun these competitions are - and how much they improve your speed and fitness on the bike. If your "sprint" is lacking, this is the perfect opportunity to work on it, and work on those fast-twitch muscle fibers! You will find, over the course of a season, that your sprint and snap will be improving......and your fitness as well!

The 1st event in this Series will take place on a Thursday night - May 3rd - at 8:00pm. We will start by using the new Airport Criterium course Start/Finish location. However, during the span of the season, we will be using a variety of courses throughout the area. Keep checking the R.A.C.E. Calendar for event dates, times and locations. 

A list of Sprint Competition rules will be posted to the website shortly.

***CANCELED*** - The Saturday Night "Sprints"!Saturday, August 117:00 PM0.1 mi
***POSTPONED!*** - The Saturday Night "Sprints"!Saturday, August 47:00 PM0.1 mi
The Saturday Night "Sprints"!Saturday, July 218:00 PM0.1 mi
The Chico Sprint CompetitionThursday, July 58:00 PM0.1 mi
RAIN WILL CANCEL - The Chico Sprint CompetitionThursday, May 38:00 PM0.1 mi

A Group Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Corey Duren #08523123.01
David Albrecht #17619119.02
Brennan Percy #13817117.03
Michael Lee #00715115.04

B Group Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Kirk Chambers #10923123.01
Sean Fischer #03923123.01
Greg Gallup #33222122.02
Geno Gruber #16719119.02
Rick Carhart #05517117.03
Jose Sanchez #34517117.03
Dax Downey #33315115.04

Juniors Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Jason Carhart #23223123.01
Creighton Gruber #21323123.01
Caden Crumm #18919119.02
Josue Sanchez #34317117.03

Women's Group Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Romy Adegeest #35923123.01

Masters 50+ Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Tony Mainz #17846223.01
Michael Crumm #16919119.02