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2012 Butte Road R.A.C.E. Series

February 26 – October 31

Hi Everyone! After the great turn-out at last year's Butte County-area Road Races, we're going to be doing them again for the 2012 Butte Road R.A.C.E. Series! This Series will go from February 2012 through October 2012. Most of the races will be starting at either 8:00AM or 9:00AM on the weekends - but some could be as early as 7:00AM.......and others starting as late as 10:00AM on some weekends. A list of various races that could(and probably will) be a part of the 2012 Series:

Messilla Valley Circuit Race

Table Mountain Road Race

Butte City Road Race

The Field of Dreams Road Race

Aguas Frias Road Race

Jonesville Road Race

Toomes Camp Road Race

The Oro-Quincy Road Race

Cohasset-to-Gravel Road Race

Coal Canyon Circuit Race

The Vilas Road Race

The Forest Ranch Road Race

Honey Run Road Race

The Nimshew Race

Wheelock Circuit Race

Grainland Road Race

Lunt Road Race

Troxel Circuit Race

Lomo Road Race

Ord Bend Road Race

The Belden Road Race

The Midway Road Race

Stirling City Road Race

The Bloom Circuit Race

Pinkston Canyon Circuit Race

The River Road Race

The Chico Road Race

The Mini-Road Races, like Cohasset, Honey Run & Humboldt

and many others.

In addition, the Road R.A.C.E.s could be part of the various Omniums going on in 2012(Nutcracker, Rumpstomper, Devil's Kick, Rodneyums, Knockoffer, Bilirubin, among others.......think Friday Night Crit, Saturday Hill Climb or Flat TT and Sunday Road Race, etc.).

Why have this Series? 

Looking at cycling from an international view, "road racing" is one of the most prestigious aspects of bicycle racing. The greatest racing champions in the history of our great sport - Eddy Merckx, Lance Armstrong, Bernard Hinault, Jeanne Longo, Connie Carpenter, Fausto Coppi, Greg LeMond, Miguel Indurain, Gino Bartali, Inga Thompson - the list goes on and on and on. These riders were great "road racing" champions. The road race itself requires great stamina, strength, speed, skill and sense to win - or to place. To win a road race - or place highly in a road race consistently - is the epitome of a great cycle racing champion. This contest will track the most consistent riders in the area for road racing. The winner of this event will have a great opportunity for bragging rights - plus, they'll win the Series Championship Trophy, and whatever goodies we can give away! Not to mention......it's just fun - and a GREAT workout!

How does it work?

Okay, here are a few notes for the 2012 Butte Road R.A.C.E. Series:

1. We will be using a variety of courses for this Series - including some flat courses, very hilly courses, somewhat hilly courses, some long courses, some short courses, circuit race courses(no Crits), some point-to-point courses, and so forth. The idea is to get a variety of course profiles going for the Series to test riders a bit. The Series starts in February 2012 and goes through the end of October 2012. We will have the 2012 Butte Road R.A.C.E. Series Awards Ceremony in November 2012 at a location to be determined. 

2. ALL riders MUST sign in at the start of EACH event - There will be a small table at the Start/Finish location - just sign in at the table and you are good-to-go! Sign-ins normally start 30-45 minutes before the event takes place and closes about 1-2 minutes before the event starts. Rain or wet weather will normally not cancel the events. However, a couple of years ago we had some tremendous smoke from the Humboldt Fire in this area......which, in turn, may cancel some of the Road Races due to hazardous air quality. Also, quite a few USA Cycling rules apply to these races.....but we're not going to go rule-crazy out there......just ride safe, look out for your fellow rider and have a good time.....that's why we do these!

3. There will normally be 3 Categories racing at the Road Races - the Category "A" Event(Advanced riders), the Category "B" Event(Intermediate riders), and the combined Category "C"(Novice riders) & Junior Event(normally, riders under the age of 16). However, EACH Series Category will be picked separately(Women's, Masters, etc.). Category "A" races will normally start first, with the Category "B" races starting a couple of minutes later, and then the Category "C" & Junior races a couple minutes after the Bs. If you are not sure what Category you should enter, just talk to me at the Start and we'll get it all figured out.

4. Helmets are MANDATORY! So, please....please.....wear your helmet.

5. Volunteers - Water bottle hand-ups will be almost solely dependent upon volunteers at these events.......so bring a volunteer with ya!

6. All are welcome - you don't have to do the Series - just come on out and give this Road Race training/riding a shot! They're a GREAT workout! No license required, no entry fee - just sign in and RACE - and have fun!

7. Points are used to calculate the Overall Standings in the Series. The point breakdown would/could be as follows for a typical 30-point R.A.C.E. Event:

30-24-22-20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2-1-1-1, with an additional 3 points being given to each participant finishing each event. 

So, 30 points goes to the winner, 24 points goes to 2nd place, 22 points goes to 3rd place and so on.........in addition to 3 more points just for doing the event. The rider with the MOST points at the end of the Series in their respective Category wins the Overall Title - and the 2012 Butte Road R.A.C.E. Series Championship Trophy, plus whatever goodies we can give you.

ALSO - There MAY be some additional points awarded in the Series for KOM/QOM - King & Queen of the Mountains......will be announced before each race. Also, many of the Road R.A.C.E.s in 2012 will be used in the various Omniums going on locally - An "Omnium" is just a stage race using points rather than time - and you do not have to complete one stage in order to do the next stage. You garner points for each stage depending upon how you did in the stage.......and, in the R.A.C.E. Omniums, the MOST points wins(many Omniums reverse this and have the least amount of points winning). Chico-area Omniums this year include: The Nutcracker, Devil's Kick, The Rumpstomper, multiple Rodneyums, Knockoffer and Field of Dreams. 

If weather conditions are particularly harsh - or if a Road R.A.C.E. course is particularly harsh - we will add "misery" points to the totals. So, if it is pouring down rain at the Jonesville Road Race, we may add an additional 10 points for the "misery" involved in that race!

In addition, most of the Mini-Road-Races held during the week(Humboldt Road Race, Cohasset Road Race, Troxel Race) will probably be counted towards the Overall Series, but with fewer points awarded(5 to the winner, 4 to 2nd, 3 to 3rd, 2 to 4th and everybody else gets 1 point). 

Mini-Road Races: These are usually held during the weekdays.....either early in the morning or on some evenings.......and include a shorter distance "road race" event.....something like, the Chico Airport to the Cohasset Narrows, or Humboldt Road from bottom to top. For instance, we had the Wednesday Morning Humboldt Road Races at 6:00AM a couple of years ago and quite a few riders use to come out for those each week. In addition, we use to hold the Friday Night Cohasset Road Races at 6:00pm and lots of riders came out for those too! The idea is to get in a quick workout either before work in the AM - or a quick workout right after work in the PM, etc. Very minimal points awarded at the Mini-Road Races, but a great little workout - and a good way to gain a few additional points in the Overall Series. Remember - the key to winning the Series will be consistency - it's amazing what can happen by just showing up to race!

8. Although the races are advertised as having 3 Categories out on the course - Category A, Category B and Category C/Juniors - the Series itself has even more Championship Trophy Categories, including:

Category "A" - Advanced Riders

Category "B" - Intermediate Riders

Category "C" - Novice Riders

Women's Category

Men's Masters 50+ Category(in Cat. B)

Juniors Category (essentially, riders under 16 years of age)

***In addition - The rider who has the MOST points in the entire Series at the end will receive the "Grand Champion's" Plaque as well.

These are the Categories which all qualify for a Series Championship Trophy - as of NOW. We could add Categories if enough riders show up out there - so tell your friends! If nobody - or very few folks are in one category - we may eliminate it and add an additional category where the numbers allow it. As usual, sandbaggers are strongly discouraged (A Sandbagger would be a Category "A" rider entering a Category "B" event - this would have to be completely obvious to the Race Director). 

NOTE - The R.A.C.E. Director reserves the right to re-classify you at any time(within reason and with plenty of notice). So, if you are just demolishing the field at the Category "B" races, it is a sure bet that I will upgrade you to Category "A". 

In addition, winners medals or mini-trophies may be given out at some of the Road Race events for the winners in various categories............depending upon the very limited budget of the Race Director. I will try my best to have the Road Race Results out - as well as the Current Overall Series Standings - within 24 hours from the completion of the event. Results will be posted to www.RaceChico.com, as well as Facebook, Twitter and my blog. If you would like to be added to the R.A.C.E. e-mail list, just send me an e-mail with the word "ADD" in the subject line and send to ChicoCyclist@gmail.com.

9. Although donations to put on these events are always very very appreciated and accepted, this Series is FREE - so come on out and take advantage of some, or all, of these Road R.A.C.E.s in 2012! Although donations are always extremely appreciated, they are NEVER necessary to enter these events - I just want y'all out there testing yourselves on your bicycles and having a good time! Also, ANY and ALL sponsorships for these events are highly welcome - so, if you'd like to sponsor the R.A.C.E. events, just let me know! Finally, this Series is not associated with any cycling clubs, so you don't have to be a member of any club to take part in any of these events(Sorry - get asked that question all the time).

10. The Race Director reserves the right to disqualify(DQ) any rider for unsafe riding or unsportsmanlike conduct at ANY time. Also, PLEASE - try not to use colorful language out there - especially with the little kids around watching the race at the finish line and so forth. ANY rider breaking these rules can be subject to disqualification from - not only the race - but from the entire Series. So, please - just do what ya always do and just be cool!

11. Finally, remember - these Road Race events are essentially for practice and exercise - we have fun out there and get a great little workout in, and we get to work on some quality cycling skills. But, overall, they're no big whoop....no World Championship/Olympic medals or million dollar contracts on the line. So, with that in mind, just treat 'em as such - a good training event to try some new things, gain some good fitness, meet some new people, try some new roads & courses.....and maybe even get into a sanctioned Road Race at some point in time. Or not. Just have fun with it! We'll have trophies and hopefully some prizes & event T-shirts for the Series winners and placers - and definitely loads of fun....and pain and suffering. ;) But remember - it's all in good fun and will prove to be memorable!

Hope to see you out there!


R.A.C.E. - Rodney's Amateur Cycling Events

Chico, California



~Grassroots Bicycle Racing Events~

The Butte City Road RaceSunday, September 239:00 AM36.0 mi120 ft
The Honey Run RaceSaturday, September 229:00 AM10.0 mi1,500 ft
Coal Canyon Circuit RaceSunday, September 169:00 AM35.5 mi1,770 ft
The Table Mountain Road RaceSunday, September 99:00 AM24.4 mi1,500 ft
The Aguas Frias Road RaceMonday, September 39:00 AM33.0 mi112 ft
Messilla Valley Circuit RaceSunday, September 29:00 AM35.3 mi3,000 ft
***CANCELED*** - The Table Mountain Road RaceSunday, August 129:00 AM24.4 mi1,500 ft
The "DOUBLE POINT" Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, August 86:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The 52-Mile Midway Road RaceSunday, August 59:00 AM52.0 mi200 ft
The Inskip RaceSaturday, August 49:00 AM20.5 mi3,300 ft
The "DOUBLE POINT" Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMFriday, August 36:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The "DOUBLE POINT" Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, August 16:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Lunt Road RaceSunday, July 299:00 AM18.0 mi1,800 ft
The Wheelock Circuit RaceSaturday, July 289:00 AM37.8 mi2,580 ft
The "DOUBLE POINT" Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMFriday, July 276:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, July 256:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
Messilla Valley Circuit RaceSunday, July 229:00 AM35.3 mi3,000 ft
The Butte City Road RaceSaturday, July 219:00 AM36.0 mi120 ft
The Cohasset Narrows Road RaceThursday, July 196:00 AM7.0 mi1,500 ft
DOUBLE POINT Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, July 186:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Garland Road RaceSunday, July 158:00 AM16.0 mi3,200 ft
The Aguas Frias Road RaceSaturday, July 149:00 AM33.0 mi112 ft
The Cohasset Narrows Road RaceThursday, July 126:00 AM7.0 mi1,500 ft
The Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, July 116:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
Coal Canyon Circuit RaceSunday, July 89:00 AM35.5 mi1,770 ft
The Clark Road RaceSaturday, July 79:00 AM34.0 mi3,000 ft
DOUBLE POINT Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, July 46:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
DOUBLE POINT Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, June 206:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Table Mountain Road RaceSaturday, June 169:00 AM24.4 mi1,500 ft
The Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, June 136:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
Messilla Valley Circuit RaceSunday, June 109:00 AM35.3 mi3,000 ft
The Tunnels Road RaceSaturday, June 99:00 AM30.4 mi3,000 ft
DOUBLE POINT Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, June 66:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Forest Ranch Circuit RaceSunday, June 39:00 AM24.0 mi3,600 ft
The Jonesville Time Trial/Road RaceSaturday, June 29:00 AM35.5 mi6,000 ft
The Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, May 306:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Aguas Frias Road RaceMonday, May 289:00 AM33.0 mi112 ft
Messilla Valley Circuit RaceSunday, May 279:00 AM35.3 mi3,000 ft
The Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, May 236:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Butte City Road RaceSunday, May 209:00 AM36.0 mi120 ft
The Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, May 166:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Humboldt Road Race - 6:00AMWednesday, May 96:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Honey Run Road RaceSunday, May 69:00 AM29.0 mi3,000 ft
The Humboldt Mini-Road RaceWednesday, May 26:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Humboldt Mini-Road RaceWednesday, April 256:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The River Road RaceSaturday, April 211:00 PM20.0 mi100 ft
The Humboldt Mini-Road RaceWednesday, April 186:00 AM3.4 mi764 ft
The Grainland Road RaceSaturday, April 71:00 PM42.4 mi236 ft
The Table Mountain Road RaceSunday, April 19:00 AM24.4 mi1,500 ft
Coal Canyon Circuit RaceSunday, March 189:00 AM35.5 mi1,770 ft
Messilla Valley Circuit RaceSunday, March 119:00 AM35.3 mi3,000 ft
The Messilla Valley Circuit RaceSunday, February 269:00 AM35.3 mi3,000 ft

A Group Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Doug Weseman #0868481653.02
Kris Blee #0037081644.32
Daniel Green #056519864.92
Barry DeWitt #091363751.92
Mike Castaldo #089347749.63
Corey Duren #085326654.31
Jeff Galland #298229457.32
Luke Wentland #004209452.33
Brennan Percy #138179359.72
Brad Foster #090172443.06
Jason Milliron #370160353.32
Jim Roberts #083149349.74
Mike Thorpe #139138346.06
Randy Moon #088132344.04
Garrett Marking #005129432.34
David Palmeri #264123261.52
Jordan Colby #087114522.83
Patrick Clark #011105335.09
David Albrecht #17697248.52
Josh Bullock #29577177.04
Rich Thurman #30672172.03
Kurt Haskins #12266233.05
Adam Roth #05766233.07
Kevin Speacht #30764164.07
Chris Courtney #00263163.01
Scott Heather #13362162.01
Nicholas Louis #18759159.06
Matthew Carlson #10357157.03
David Klein #09849149.02
Brian Rouse #08448148.01
Jesse Rushing #12448224.06
Sean Molina #29447147.03
Paul Sajben #30845145.04
Gabe Medina #11738138.04
Nelson Frink #09937137.03
Mike Ruffner #12331131.06
Ethan Black #14029129.07
Tyler Honeyman #08025212.56
Joe Shelburne #19321121.05
Steven Clipperton #33920120.01
Manny Mejia #043515.01

B Group Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Preben Nielsen #1687421453.03
David Klein #0984861048.65
Matt Roberts #0534411044.13
Steve Chollet #135332655.33
Sean Fischer #039257736.73
Stephen Work #016237547.44
Steven Williams #389229457.32
Geno Gruber #167224544.84
Evan Billman #130219731.33
Seth Jones #010216454.05
Jonathan McCabe #102182445.54
Brian Ray #372174358.03
Greg Watkins #093171357.02
Chris Marking #014145436.33
Gabe Medina #117144348.03
Tom Embree #012143347.71
Jeff Ochs #131137345.74
Andy Grayson #068132344.03
Brandon Mascarenas #241126263.03
Russ Fowler #125115338.34
Kendall Bennett #299115338.35
David Watkins #092112256.01
Joe Holt #391102251.03
Matthew Carlson #10399424.85
Rudi Lange #14193246.52
Shawn Hughes #06792246.01
Gary Speer #09484242.03
Jason Smith #39083241.55
Patrick O'Connell #29683183.01
Bret DeWitt #12769234.55
Andrew Hunter #10166233.07
Chris Iufer #00161161.07
Andy Martinez #26157157.09
Emmanuel Arechiga #12654227.08
Barry DeWitt #09153153.01
Ferdinand Batatan #25149149.02
Brian Holt #20749149.02
Alex Albrecht #36947147.03
Jason Berry #22146146.06
Matt Culver #17043143.05
Jon Jacoby #40143143.05
Mark Ueek #13742142.02
Jasper Travers #39939139.03
Steven Lemos #17139139.07
Josh Rowe #04539139.07
Daniel Lovik #26733133.06
Derek Moffitt #09533133.05
Justin Anderson #04031131.02
Brian Rolen #19831131.011
Todd Moffitt #09631131.06
Josh Diaz #11629129.012
Josh Tyner #09724124.08
Rafael Lopez #14219119.012
Greg Gallup #3321025.02
Mike Seidman #37810110.01
Ajamu Lamunba #248924.51
Randall Stone #321818.02
Oscar Campos #282515.01
Ross Nayduch #365515.01
Justin Vaught #379414.04

C Group Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Skip Lees #069213453.32
Doug Conrad #031186726.61
Kirk Chambers #109173357.71
Robert Medina #129156352.01
Chris Lewis #288135267.52
Kirby White #255126263.01
Joe Sanders #348122261.01
Greg Bridgman #144113256.52
Andy Martinez #261103251.52
Ben Gorman #38288188.01
Laurie Rozzano #28771171.02
Margaret Bomberg #23469169.03
Brent Erickson #37168168.01
Matthew Timoszyk #34063163.01
Mary Michael #29263163.01
Stephen Work #01649149.02
Severo Coronado #20947147.03
Rick Carhart #05547147.03
Laurie Teague #17447147.03
Dave Clavey #17547147.03
Ernesto Flores #18545145.04
Ray Smith #26545145.04
Randy Santa Cruz #12843143.01
Amanda Jones #02143143.01
Deanna Wentland #12042142.02
Kat Ketterer #14339139.02

Juniors Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Creighton Gruber #213139346.31
Josh Diaz #11699249.51
Caden Crumm #18963163.01
Davis Foster #11043143.01
Olivia Blee #19130215.01

Women's Group Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Christine Bergman #148421946.84
Teresa Kludt #017368661.31
Joanne Gilchrist #147340656.71
Doni Carter #1053211324.72
Sandra Barton #172255551.04
Diann Harger #048245549.05
Elizabeth Brent #146245461.32
Danielle Penne #226231546.25
Kristen Schonauer #107216636.03
Kim Lange #224215453.84
Linda Zorn #104209452.31
Forough Molina #297200825.03
Alexandra Blee #019196539.22
Reene Fiack #289193538.63
Kate Cavell #243192448.07
Jennifer Haffner #262177535.45
Kathy Walter #038157169.82
Megan Murphy #290151350.35
Darlene Henderson #153147349.06
Mary Michael #292142347.37
Nicole Bateman #291127342.38
Susan Korose #257104252.06
Sabrina Palmeri #25996248.08
Gabrielle Walters #30093246.55
Lori Phillips #10691330.32
Janine Rood #10887243.53
Romy Adegeest #35986186.01
Heather Millar #30478239.05
Annelies Farmer #34659159.02
Frannie Skillicorn #39657157.03
Lorna Andreatta #21057157.09
Mary Ann Bachus #26050150.04
Janise Capaul #25849149.02
Jeanne O'regan #22547147.03
Leah Lokan #22746223.05
Chris Lewis #28845145.04
Emma Worldpeace #14543143.01
Lora Broad #26341141.06
Jacqui Smith #26639139.07
Sheri Simons #22839139.07
Diane Penne #22937137.08
Margaret Bomberg #23433133.010
Jamie Batha #3582855.62
Noelle Mascarenas #06223123.014
Barb Cross #33021121.015
Sue Kamrar #33814114.03
Ellen Blee #02212112.04

Masters 50+ Results

RiderTotal Points# RacesAvg. PointsAvg. Place
Byron Fountain #0297891941.53
Ryan Hiner #0265921249.32
Nelson Frink #0995541055.41
Bill Bergman #151417946.35
Steve Gibson #253394756.33
Michael Crumm #169354750.63
Phil Weintraub #070342842.83
Tony Mainz #178294649.03
Gary Fowler #074276646.04
Jim Mensching #0282651517.73
Lex Parker #136250550.06
Roy Holley #252241460.34
Dave Hernandez #256229457.35
Leif Peterson #181213453.33
Mike Trowbridge #100158439.52
Tom Tucker #024132816.51
Walt Schafer #027131343.74
Bill Brent #150124431.04
Lee Altier #2311161011.61
Mike Ruffner #123112256.02
Ray Smith #265101250.58
Paul Wellin #25494247.05
Steve Kodad #30993246.54
Bob Millar #25090245.04
Mike Shaw #27979179.03
Bret DeWitt #12778178.01
Jim Greenlee #33778711.11
Michael Wood #03071171.07
Neal Bordenave #05467167.09
Jeff Stephens #02564164.08
Chris Thomas #37659159.02
Gary Manwill #27752152.03
Chris Ivey #11247147.03
Bob Jones #17345145.04
Dan Dominguez #34743143.05
Ray Bransky #14943143.01
Bill Travers #40039139.03
Greg Houle #19437137.01