R.A.C.E., Chico, California
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2014 PASKENTA ROUTE100.01,700
Chico Criterium Short-Course0.60
The Coutolenc Road Race18.54,000
Cohasset Downhill Time Trial4.00
Aguas Frias 25-Mile Time Trial25.070
Cohasset-to-the-Gravel Time Trial/Road Race13.23,300
Aguas Frias 25-Mile Time Trial25.090
Crown Point Uphill Time Trail8.81,900
The Lunt Road Uphill Time Trial8.31,600
The Durham Kermesse9.60
Cohasset Uphill Time Trial5.01,500
Forest Ranch UPhill Time Trial11.22,100
The Honey Run Race10.01,500
Aguas Frias 18-Mile Time Trial18.060
The Fast 50 Road Race28.5118
The Inskip Race20.53,300
The Lunt Road Race18.01,800
The Wheelock Circuit Race6.3430
The Garland Road Race16.03,200
Meridian Road 10-Mile Time Trial10.0130
Lovelock-to-Inskip UPhill Time Trial10.42,900
The Chico Sprint Competition Course0.10
The Forest Ranch Circuit Race3.0450
The Clark Road Race34.03,000
Vilas Road Uphill Time Trial7.02,000
The Centerville Road Race11.11,000
Cohasset Narrows Road Race7.01,500
Wildwood Short-Track Mountain Bike Race1.5100
The Butte City Road Race36.0120
Cohasset-to-Gravel Uphill Time Trial9.32,900
Lomo-to-Jonesville Time Trial10.22,100
The Helltown Mountain Bike Race25.03,000
The North Rim Trail Mountain Bike Race8.01,500
The Bidwell Forest Short-Track Mountain Bike Race Course1.140
The Honey Run Road Race29.03,000
The Table Mountain Uphill Time Trial5.31,600
The River Road Race20.0100
The Meridian 22-Mile Time Trial22.0250
The Chico Airport Long-Course Criterium1.023
The St. John 20-Mile Time Trial20.090
The Honey Run Road Time Trial5.51,500
The Dark Canyon Uphill Time Trial4.01,500
The 7-Mile Lane 25-Mile Time Trial25.070
The River Road 16-Mile Time Trial16.090
The Newville 45-Mile Time Trial45.0800
The Midway Road Race52.0200
The New York House Road Race32.03,000
The Magalia Road Race30.03,000
The Belden Road Race44.05,000
The M2 Road Race38.05,000
The Willows-Alder Road Race39.05,000
The Chico Road Race80.03,500
The Rackerby Road Race27.02,000
The Cohasset 10-Mile Out-N-Back Time Trial10.01,600
The St. John Road Race12.052
The Nord Capay Road Race42.2300
The Cohasset Mini Road Race7.01,500
The Tunnels Road Race30.43,000
The Field of Dreams Road Race10.0300
The Bald Rock Road Race17.91,800
The Inskip Road Race32.65,000
The River Road Race20.098
The Butte City Road Race36.0121
The Aguas Frias 10-Mile Time Trial10.043
The Oro-Chico 15-Mile Time Trial15.079
Hell of the Nord 15-Mile Time Trial15.066
The Aguas Frias Road Race33.0112
The Table Mountain Road Race24.41,500
The Thompson Flat Road Race15.21,500
The Grainland Road Race10.659
The Jonesville Time Trial/Road Race35.56,000
The Chico 9.6er Time Trial9.656
The Wilson Landing Road Race6.930
Meridian Road 10-Mile Time Trial10.0134
Early Morning Humboldt Race3.3712
The Coal Canyon Circuit Race5.9295
The Cottonwood 9.6-Mile Time Trial9.6151
The Cohasset Uphill Time Trial5.01,500
River Road 10-Mile Time Trial10.070
The Fast 5029.2282
Field of Dreams12.5440
The Messilla Valley Circuit Race3.5300
Lunt Road TT8.11,600
Cherokee Road TT4.81,213
Coutolenc Uphill TT6.7873
Clark Road Uphill TT7.51,391
Pentz Road Uphill TT5.81,010
Neal Road Uphill TT8.11,263
Centerville TT5.61,300
Humboldt Road TT3.4764