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About R.A.C.E.

2016 was my final year of putting on races. I would like to thank everyone who came out there and participated. I think we put on about 2,000+ cycling events, and had over 3,000 different riders - many doing, literally, hundreds of the events each! I can't thank you all enough!! And a HUGE and AWESOME thank you to all of the volunteers and sponsors who helped with R.A.C.E. through the years - I am forever indebted to you, and forever grateful for your support. Thank you all!!!!


R.A.C.E. is an all-inclusive, always free, bicycle racing organization in Chico, California.

Interested in racing? We have multiple options for everyone. Our races come in many flavors for different levels of intensity. If you would like to try racing, come on out! We have an A Group(Advanced & Intermediate racers/riders) or B Group(Intermediate and Novice racers/riders). We also have Masters 50+, Women's, and Juniors racing for kids 14 and younger. 

Our races come in several different types. Group-start races include the Criteriums and the Road Races. Our solo-start races are the Time Trials and the Hill Climbs. Occasionally there will be races that don't fall into either category - these are fun and challenging races created by the beloved race director, Rodney Cox. 

Rodney has been involved in bicycle racing since 1980...beginning his racing career at the ripe old age of 12. In all, he has participated in or put on over 2,000 cycling events - ranging from sanctioned bicycle races to low-key races, mountain bike races, cyclocross races, Centuries(he was the Wildflower Century Ride Director for 7 years), biathlons and beyond. Racing, coaching, directing, officiating - he's done it all. You can also visit his cycling blog located here: http://www.chicocyclist.blogspot.com/

Points are awarded for every race. These points are recorded and displayed here on this site for each rider. Your racing profile will keep track of your entire racing history with R.A.C.E. Come here after each race to see how you did!

For racers who come on a regular-basis, the points that are awarded will also go towards total points in a series. A series is any collection of races over a period of time. Each series will have an overall winner in each rider category. Come to as many races as you can and you may find yourself the overall winner!

Welcome to R.A.C.E. Chico. We hope to see you out there. Stay safe and ride!

***To be added to the R.A.C.E. e-mail list, shoot me an e-mail with the word "ADD" in the subject line: RodneyJCox@gmail.com

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